Clifford Wagner Jr. has made a family business out of buying, selling, and restoring these authentic homes.

There are three generation of Wagners working together to save as many homes as possible.

A house that is beyond repair may still have useable logs to use for replacements in restoring other log homes.



Wagner Construction offers:

  • Hand-Hewn Logs
  • Stone Foundations
  • Stone Fireplaces
  • Custom Built Log Homes
  • Restoration
  • Crane Truck Service





Wagner Log Homes is dedicated to keeping the spirit of the American pioneer by offering original antique hand hewn log cabins, structures and materials to our clients. We specialize in locating and restoring these historical log cabins, barns and outbuildings. These uniquely American buildings were made by hand by our ancestors in the 18th and 19th centuries and their original integrity and character can not be duplicated.

Today we are recycling these structures as lasting vacation homes, barns and outbuildings.