About Us

The Wagner ancestors made their homesteads in the rolling hills and hollers of central Missouri, near the Gasconade river.They cleared their land and rafted logs and railroad ties down the river.

It was a time when you used the land for all that was so desperately needed for survival.Some of these homesteads still exist and have stood for more than 150 years.

Clifford restored his first log home over a decade ago, he named it “Jubilee Cabin” which comes from the Bible, meaning “Gift from God”

Not long after, he was soon asked to relocate and restore homes for many others.

The Wagners have restored so many homes over the years that we have lost count. Just like Grandpa Wagner, we still look to God to provide all of our needs.God has created all things on earth to use and harvest in time.Our families love of the past, and all that can be learned from it, has inspired us to do our part in saving and restoring as many homes as possible.

We have frequently worked with local Historical Societies to preserve some of the most historic homes for future generations to appreciate.